The TESLAR Wrist Watch

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By Dr. Anthony Scott-Morley
D.S.c., Ph.D., M.D. (M.A.)
103 N. Road, Poole, Dorset AH 120 LU U.K.

All medical practitioners and patients are faced with a common problem, if the body is to be maintained or returned to good health, accurate diagnosis is necessary. Standard medical tests are not always sufficient, since they do not account for the energy profile of the various body organs. Only by taking the energy profile into account can we see not only what is already wrong, but also what is likely to develop into more manifest illness.

Every cell of the body is constantly engaged in activity. This activity is regulated by the potential, which exists on the cell wall. In normal health, there is a narrow range of potential which enables the cell to function in a healthy manner. If this potential becomes disturbed (or if the polarity of the cell wall begins to reverse) then the energy exchange of the cell becomes affected with consequent effects on cellular function. If the cell builds up excess energy, then we find acute phases of disease with attendant irritation and inflammation; if the cell becomes deficient in energy, we find cellular fatigue and degeneration.

One of the more interesting ways in which the energy function of an organ or tissue can be assessed is by using electro-acupuncture techniques as developed in Germany. These techniques are variously known as EAV, E.Ac., B.F.D., etc. The efficiency of such diagnostic methods has been investigated at university levels, as well as having stood the test of empirical usage in the practice of many hundreds of practitioners.

In this paper, I do not intend to offer critical assessment of the test method. Suffice to say that independent research suggests that these methods can be up to 90% accurate in the hands of a skilled practitioner. The basic principle involved is to measure the electrical resistance at selected acupuncture points. It is known that the electrical properties of the skin vary at the acupuncture points from that of the surrounding area. Electrical resistance decreases and conductance increases. By taking measurements from a group of points known as “Control Measurement Points,” it is possible to gain an insight into the health of all the major body organs and systems.

The measurement values obtained are normally expressed as values between 0 and 100. A measurement value of 50 on any selected point represents an ideal energy balance for that organ or tissue.

Excessively high values are considered to indicate cellular irritation or inflammation, and low values are considered as indicating cellular fatigue and if very low, cellular degeneration. In my practice, I have been using these methods for over 10 years. I have found them to be very accurate diagnostic tools, provided that the practitioner is aware of some patterns, which can emerge. One of the most common patterns is when nearly all measurement points return high values, which should indicate that the patient is in a state of toxicity with total body irritation. Very often the patient reports feeling fine, with no symptoms that he/she is aware of. In such cases, it is probable that we are observing a hyper-ergic state, which has not yet caused any physiological change.

However, if such a state persists for long periods, then eventually a potentially weak organ will begin to malfunction with consequent symptomatology.

For some considerable time, I have been researching causes of over-all, hyper-ergic states. One of the prime causes found is sensitivity to background electro-magnetic fields. Many people, possible 80% of the population appear to exhibit some degree of sensitivity to environmental extra-low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields. These fields include domestic electrical devices, radio, television, and communication waves, microwaves, atmospheric disturbances such as electrical storms. Subjective awareness of such sensitivity varies considerably from patient to patient. Some people experience no particular symptoms; others experience a wide variety of symptoms including fatigue, anxiety, mild depressive moods, mood changes, headaches, allergies and sensitivities, energy fluctuation, hormonal imbalances, frequent colds and infections, etc.

Other research into the effects of ELF fields suggests that electromagnetic fields may cause effects in the human nervous system, the brain, the immune system and the endocrine system. Since the modern world relies on electrical power and radio communications, we are all constantly being exposed to these fields.

The long-term effects of such exposure (especially over several generations) is not known. It is possible that many mystery ailments and minor symptoms may be related to individual levels of electromagnetic sensitivity. There are patients who know that they do not feel as well as they would like to feel but no one is able to tell them why. So often the case is put down to stress and the patient is advised to relax and/or tranquilizers are mistakenly prescribed.

The detection of electromagnetic sensitivity is straight forward using E.Ac. diagnostic methods. Most of the standard measuring instruments are battery powered and do not give off any measurable field. Assuming that the treatment room is free from excess fields (i.e. no fluorescent lighting, no electrical cables nearby, no electrical power transformers, no computer screens) then the measurements are taken from either the control measurement points, or from the terminal points of the acupuncture meridians. In most cases, the majority of these readings will be stable at a value close to 50. If there is a specific problem in an organ, then that point will show a high or low value, but the overall pattern of measurement will be approximately normal.

An electrical source is now switched on, e.g. a computer screen, or a power transformer, and the same points are immediately re-measured. In cases of electro-magnetic sensitivity the readings will show dramatic changes in value. Most points will now show abnormally high values with no real pattern. Patients who are not sensitive to electromagnetic fields will show no change in measurement values.

It is important that the doctor should be aware of this phenomenon (and many practitioners are not aware) since it is too easy to assume that a pattern of high readings is indicative of excess body toxicity, and the patient is then put on to an unnecessary detoxification regime. I cannot help but wonder how many “wrong” treatments are given simply because of misinterpretation of raw data.

During the past years, I have been invited to examine, use and test a number of devices, which are claimed to protect the patient from various environmental stresses.

These include crystals, copper bracelets, special blankets, “black boxes,” and many other weird and wonderful inventions. They range in cost from a few pounds to several hundreds of pounds. When tested, as above, most have been found to be of limited effect. Some appear to be good for some people but not to all; some appear to do nothing (other than possible placebo effects);and one or two appear to aggravate the condition. This it was with some skepticism that I looked at the TESLAR wrist watch. Some of the early models (digital) appeared to confirm my doubts—they made no observable change in the measurement values. However, I was persuaded to test more recent (analog) models and I have been very impressed in their efficacy.

The two graphs are typical of the response obtained. These graphs are taken at random from my practice and are typical of the effects of the TESLAR instrument.

CASE 1: Mrs. X. Age 63.
No specific complaint. Attended clinic for annual check-up. Questioning elicited that Mrs. X did in fact experience periods of fatigue and lethargy, but she put this down to age.
Graph 1 shows the measurement values obtained when she was exposed to the fields given off be a V. D. T. (video/computer terminal). Measurements were taken on the INTERRO computerized measuring instrument. The TESLAR watch was then strapped to the left wrist of Mrs. X and the same points were immediately re-measured. The results are shown in Graph 2. Dramatic improvement is seen in most organs although there remains some stress on the left kidney. The patient had no specific complaint suggesting kidney involvement except for some mild back-ache, which she had thought was due to muscular strain.

CASE 2: Mr. W. Age 54.
Complaining about frequent urination and worried about possible prostate gland problems.
Graph 1 shows the measurement values when exposed to electromagnetic fields (in this case a small voltage transformer). Here we see great improvement to most values except those of the kidney and those of the cervical lymph glands in the neck: the lymph glands are accounted for by a minor cold which the patient was suffering at the time of measurement. The high values remaining on the kidney suggest some kidney inflammation, which would account for the excess urination. Further tests showed no abnormality with the prostate gland. In this case, it was easy to trace the source of the kidney infection and to deal with it accordingly.

Many other cases could be quoted, each showing equally dramatic changes when the TESLAR instrument is worn.

I am unable to comment on the theory of the working of the device. However, I am satisfied that it does have a beneficial and measurable effect on those who are electromagnetic sensitive. So what does the patient subjectively experience when wearing the instrument? My patients have given various responses to this question. Some feel a greater sense of energy and well-being; many others do not notice any observable effect.

However, if the watch is left off for a period of several days, then all patients report having experienced a decrease in energy and feeling generally out of sorts.

One patient reported: “I went to visit friends for a week and decided not to take the watch with me. After a few days, I started to experience headaches, tiredness, and my skin complaint (eczema) flared up again. I couldn’t wait to get home. I thought that I was allergic to something. When I got home, I decided not to wear the watch simply to find out if I improved without it. This would have told me that it might have been something in their home. Anyway, after a further week I was no better, and perhaps a little worse. I then started to wear the watch again and within two days I was as right as ever. The headaches had gone, I had more energy, and the skin cleared up again. I think it is wonderful!”

As a screening instrument, I am prepared to state that my findings suggest that it does all that the makers claim. I find it an invaluable instrument for helping those who are electromagnetic sensitive, and it certainly helps me to obtain a much more clear picture of what is really happening in each of my patients. So far, we have not had complaints or criticisms concerning the screening function.

Some people ask: Do I need one?
Unless that person can be tested, there is no certain answer to this question. There appear to be no detrimental effects or counter-indications. People who are not electromagnetic sensitive are not made worse by wearing the watch, and for my money, I would say if in any doubt, then wear one. It is better to be screened, even if not sensitive than to risk a constant drain on the energy of the body.

The work of Dr. Cyril Smith (University of Saifor, England) has shown that people who suffer from food allergies are invariably sensitive to specific electromagnetic frequencies. The actual -trigger- frequency appears to differ from person to person. Such people also show abnormal measurement values on specific E.Ac measurement points. When the TESLAR instrument is worn, these values very often improve to normal. This suggests that, at least in some cases, the real problem is not allergy or sensitivity to foods and highly restrictive diets may not be the best way of solving the problem!


  1. 1. Lymph
  2. 2. Lungs
  3. 3. Lg. Intestines
  4. 4. Nervous Sys.
  5. 5. Circulations
  6. 6. Immune
  7. 7. Parenchyma
  8. 8. Endocrine
  9. 9. Heart
  10. 10. Sm. Intestine
  11. 11. Panc./Spleen
  12. 12. Liver
  13. 13. Joints
  14. 14. Stomach
  15. 15. Connec. Tis.
  16. 16. Skin
  17. 17. Fat Matab.
  18. 18. Biliary
  19. 19. Kidney
  20. 20. Bladder