The TESLAR Technology

It is a FIRST RESPONSE to the ever expanding usage of electricity and electronic equipment in our modern world. It is a scientifically proven technology shown to limit potential adverse effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body.

It has taken scientists over twenty years to gather data showing that Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) have an adverse effect on the health of human beings. ELF has been a subject of scientific curiosity and controversy since they began investigation in the late 1960s.

In 1979, a study published in the prestigious American Journal of Epidemiology (John Hopkins University) showed that homes of children who developed cancer were often found near electric power lines carrying electric current. In 1989, Dr. Genevieve Matanoski of John Hopkins University conducted research on 50,000 New York state telephone workers. She found an increased risk of leukemia among active linemen and an unusually high rate of breast cancer among male technicians in central office switching rooms. Both of these studies confirmed the threat of harmful ELF to human health and identified ELF as the most serious environmental issue of the 90s. Since 2001, numerous studies suggest there are potential adverse side-effects from usage of cellular phones. Manufacturers now include warnings on product usage to help users avoid any potential electromagnetic radiation health effects.

With the controversy raging and utility companies concerned for public safety, many scientists from Canada, the United States, Europe and Russia are conducting independent research into the effects of exposure from electromagnetic radiation. The results suggest that exposure to harmful electromagnetic frequencies can cause disorders of the central nervous system, including headache, fatigue, dizziness, emotional instability, back pain, short term memory loss, arthritis and other ‘unexplained’ illness. In the last 30-40 years, usage of electricity and its electromagnetic field component has been estimated to have increased by over 3 million times!

However, there are frequencies that are good for the body and have proven to be very beneficial. Because we can use electromagnetic waves to penetrate at the cellular level, we can use the beneficial frequencies to enhance the immune system and heal fractures, as well as provide for other non-invasive methods of healing. The researcher must know which frequencies are shown to be beneficial and which may be detrimental. Obviously, the earth’s own frequency field of 7 - 9 Hz around the body is as important as any other life support system we could imagine. Therefore, how can we use this technology to benefit and protect us rather than harm us? There is only one device on the market proven by scientific studies to shield one from the influences of electronic pollution: the TESLAR watch. It was named after Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslavian immigrant who worked with Thomas Edison. Tesla was a prolific inventor who invented alternating current, and is considered the ‘father’ of scalar non-Hertzian technology - the technology used in the TESLAR watch.

The TESLAR watch is engineered to produce a non-Hertzian/scalar wave shown to screen or shield the body from other ELF signals. The watch sits on the wrist over the triple warmer meridian, an important acupuncture point in the body's energy system. It emits a specialized signal spread that surrounds the body within a bubble or cushion, so most other frequencies cannot enter. Those frequencies that do penetrate this reinforced ‘cocoon’ are more easily eliminated by the brain's natural frequency screening mechanism. In other words, the body, rather than being radiated with radio or television signals, radiates its own natural earth environment 8 Hz signal. In a pilot study done by Dr. Eldon Byrd, PhD, EEG tests showed an 80% difference in frequencies coming into the brain when wearing the TESLAR watch. The study indicates the brain throws-off 80% of assaulting ELF. Another study by Dr. Scott Morley, PhD, M.D. (alternative medicine), Dorset, England, showed signals within our environment and those produced by generators and computer terminals are screened or blocked from entering the body when wearing the TESLAR watch. And in-vitro research by Dr. Glen Rein, PhD, while at Stanford University Medical School’s Psoriasis Research Institute, demonstrated the ability of the TESLAR to shield the body from harmful ELF fields, allowing the body to enhance its immune response by 76% and inhibit the uptake of noradrenalin (an antidepressant) in nerve cells by 19.5%.

Additional research into the operation of the TESLAR shielding watch on athletic performance shows its ability to benefit the Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic Nervous Systems using heart-rate variability measurements, thermographic comparisons, and even brain mapping is in progress. Observations are currently being taken and analyzed, with preliminary findings showing a 20% increase in athletic grip strength, enhanced performance, decreased injury recovery time, an enhanced feeling of well-being, as well as an increase in circulating energy. There are ways to shield us from the adverse effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields, but few people realize the danger exists! Meanwhile, our immune system continues to break down because the brain can't handle the load. Will man evolve to overcome this biological threat, or will our immune systems become so over-taxed that disease will ravage our species?


Invented in 1986, the chip puts TESLAR Tech inside the TESLAR wristwatch to help strengthen the body’s biofield. The TESLAR watch, with TESLAR Tech inside, has become a hit among celebrities, watch enthusiasts and people in search of healthy lifestyles. TESLAR timepieces and bracelets are available at retail locations all over the world.

The chip Interact with the electric field and magnetic field to create a zero-point (scalar) waveform, a waveform alive with checked and balanced energies. It is created in such a way that it mimics the earth’s natural frequency, providing protective energy with the tick of every second.

TESLAR Technology was designed to emit a unique 7 to 9 Hz Alpha wave signal that interacts with and strengthens your body’s own electromagnetic energy field. Similar to the Earth’s natural 7.8 Hz signal and the Alpha wave signals emitted by the brain when you are calm, meditating, or doing yoga, or when athletes are in states of high performance, this TESLAR Scalar signal also helps reinforce your energy field against the possible negative effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields (EMF). Much like listening to a clear radio broadcast free from static, the TESLAR Chip helps your energy field filter out annoying and potentially harmful electromagnetic ‘static’ such that your body can stay closer to its peak performance, both physically and mentally.

The TESLAR Chip may help your body resist the negative effects of daily stresses such as: poor sleep habits, hectic work environments, and constant exposure to electronic pollution cause by cell-phone systems, computers, and many other electronic devices.

How does it work?

In the TESLAR watch there is specially designed TESLAR chip. This innovative, state-of-the-art technology works with the watch’s standard components:

  • The watch battery, which creates an electric field

  • The quartz-crystal timing coil, which creates a magnetic field

TESLAR wearers have experienced:

  • Deeper, more restful night time sleep

  • More calm and less tension in normally stressful situations

  • Improved concentration and ability to focus at work

  • Increased levels of energy

  • An over-all improvement in well-being

Questions & Answers

1. Why Does the TESLAR Technology Require a Watch Movement?
Simply stated, when the scientists developed the chip, it needed a power source. The power source they found to work best was a battery powered watch movement.

2. Why Should I Wear the TESLAR Watch on My Left Wrist?
This is due to the typical pattern of energy flow through the body. In order to receive the maximum benefit of the TESLAR technology, the watch should generally be worn on the left wrist to ensure the signal is carried throughout the body. However, if after wearing the watch for a few weeks you or those around you notice no significant changes, or if this proves simply uncomfortable, you can try wearing the watch on the right wrist as this may be a sign that your energy field flow requires that you wear it on the right wrist. This may be more common in left-handed people. Acupuncture uses energy channels to restore balance to the body. The channel
relevant to the TESLAR watch (the Triple Warmer Meridian) starts in the hand, interconnects with the other channels in the body, and activates the immune system. This channel enables the TESLAR technology signal to be carried throughout the body.

3. Why Should I Wear the TESLAR Watch Regularly?
The TESLAR technology begins working through your body’s electromagnetic field immediately and the TESLAR Effect continues while wearing the watch. Due to our almost constant exposure to stress from chaotic work and living environments and the increasing use of electronic technology from cell phone systems, computers, fluorescent lighting, etc., we recommend wearing the TESLAR watch regularly – even while sleeping. IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend not wearing the TESLAR watch during intentional, brief exposures to very heavy electromagnetic fields such as those found near MRI, X-Ray, large turbine engines or other similar equipment. Such exposure can adversely affect the life of the TESLAR chip.

4. Can I Wear the TESLAR Watch in the Water?
No, the TESLAR watch is water resistant, but not water proof, which means exposure to water is not tolerated and not covered by the Warranty. Simple chores such as washing dishes are not harmful, but direct plunging in water is. Do not swim or shower with the TESLAR watch.

5. How Long Does the TESLAR Chip Last?
The TESLAR chip Warranty is for 2 years. If the chip turns a dark color, it may not be functioning properly and you should contact the TESLAR watch company.

6. Will the TESLAR Watch Help Cure My Ailment?
The TESLAR technology is not a medical device. The TESLAR technology is designed to strengthen your body’s own energy field with a natural 7 – 9 HZ Alpha wave-like signal which could result in your feeling better. ELF Labs, the manufacturer of the TESLAR chip, does not make any claims as to direct health benefits from wearing the watch.

7. How Safe is the TESLAR Watch?
The TESLAR watch was tested by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL, the nationally recognized product safety testing organization) in 2002. It is safe to wear for anyone who can safely wear a standard wrist watch. If you start to feel uneasy while wearing the TESLAR watch, we recommend slowly adjusting the watch as follows: (1) wear it
as long as comfortable (whether a few hours or days), (2) remove it for some time (a few hours or days), (3) wear the watch again as long as comfortable and then (4) remove it once more if necessary. Continue this process until you are able to wear the TESLAR watch continuously without discomfort.

8. How is the TESLAR Watch Different from a Magnet, Medallion, or Copper Bracelet?
The TESLAR technology, while unitizing electromagnetic field principles, is otherwise unrelated to magnets, medallions, or copper bracelets. The TESLAR technology is an active technology producing an oscillating signal which helps to strengthen and reinforce the body’s own energy field. ELF Labs makes no representation of or comparison to magnets or other similar passive devices.

9. How Does the Watch Battery affect the TESLAR Chip?
In addition to powering the time action of the TESLAR watch, the battery is also powering TESLAR technology. Therefore, depending on various conditions and your body’s own demands on the TESLAR Effect, TESLAR watches could require more frequent battery changes than watches without the benefit of TESLAR technology.
The battery’s average life is 1.5 years.