Life, Electromagnetic Energy and Your Well-Being

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What we are doing is bringing energy back into the living system. What is emerging is a new paradigm of life, energy, and medicine.


Dr. Robert Becker, Nobel Prize Nominee



The TESLAR technology, while utilizing electromagnetic field principles, is otherwise unrelated to magnets, medallions or copper bracelets. The TESLAR technology is an active technology that produces an oscillating signal which helps to strengthen and reinforce the bodys own energy field. TESLAR Inside Corporation makes no representation of or comparison to magnets or other similar passive devices.


  Part 1 - The Science of Mind and Body


A.     What is Mind-Body Medicine?


B.       Energy and Mind-Body Science


C.      Natural Electromagnetic Energy


D.       The Dangers of Electromagnetic Pollution


Part 2 - The TESLAR Technology


A.      Scientific Research


B.       Conclusion


Part 1 - The Science of Mind and Body  

Our understanding of human health is changing rapidly. Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, feng-shui, and other mind-body healing practices are bringing energy and the profound power of the mind to the forefront of our western consciousness.

Mind-Body healing practices remind us that, when given relief from environmental stresses such as difficult work situations, chaotic environments, and unhealthy relationships, in addition to the large amounts of manmade electronic pollution emitted from our electronic devices, the human body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself naturally. It is therefore our lesson to be learned that we must work with nature rather than try to improve upon it.¯

You are about to learn what modern science is only now re-discovering that nature is energy. Our bodies are energy. Life, itself is energy.


A. What is Mind-Body Medicine?

A key tenet of Mind-Body medicine is that health is not the mere absence of disease. Rather, it is the dynamic integration of our environment, body, mind and spirit. In recent years, studies have linked daily environmental stress to many health problems, from painful menstrual pains in women and heart attacks following stressful work situations to increased mortality in people recently laid off from work, among many other findings. In 2004, researchers revealed for the first time that high levels of stress can actually damage DNA. In this study of 58 women, Dr. Elissa Epil of the University of California (SF) discovered that stress impacts womens health by increasing the rate of cellular aging, adding as much as 10 years to DNA age compared to low stress women. Dr. Epil concluded that these findings can help us understand how are stress may promote earlier onset of age-related diseases.

It is not surprising then, that Mind-Body science research is pouring out studies showing the positive health benefits of such healing practices as meditation and yoga. Both Newsweek and Time magazine recently published special issues on the New Science of Mind and Body detailing research on how meditation can reduce arthritic pain, yoga can help counter the physical effects of chronic stress, and simple relaxation techniques can even help diabetics maintain healthy blood-sugar levels. In HIV research, a UCLA study found that simple optimism is associated with stronger immune function. The evidence is so overwhelming that major universities such as Harvard, Duke, and Arizona have created innovative medical programs dedicated to the exploration of Mind-Body healing sciences.


B. Energy and Mind-Body Science  

The body is electric. The heartbeat is an electrical impulse measured by EKG. Brain waves are electromagnetic brain signals recorded by EEG. In 1972, Yale anatomy professor, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, published 40 years of research documenting the existence of electromagnetic energy fields around all living organisms which are reveal both physical and mental conditions [and] offer new insight into the state of both body and mind.¯ Dr. Burrs work also showed that these energy fields come first, guiding the material of growing organisms into their proper place. Since his landmark publication, countless other researchers have documented and published similar research detailing energy fields that surround all living organisms and the nature of their relationship to mental and physical well-being. Dr. Robert Becker, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, stated all living things are surrounded by a magnetic field extending out into space from our bodies, and [these] fields from the brain reflect what is happening in the brain.


In her book, Infinite Mind, UCLA professor Dr. Valerie Hunt recounts over 30 years of research and her startling first encounter with this human energy field while measuring electrical muscle activity in professional dancer, Emilie Conrad. To her complete bewilderment, Dr. Hunt was unable to find any electrical activity in Emilies muscles shortly into her dance routine there should have been substantial electrical activity during such physical exercise. Instead, the only energy Dr. Hunt could find was pouring out of the top of her head with intensity beyond what our equipment could handle.¯ Emilie simply explained, create a field of energy and ride it. Dr. Hunt immediately began her exploration of these energy field patterns, and years of subsequent research revealed that the mind plays a critical role in the creation and patterning of these electromagnetic energy fields, and that these fields in turn help shape the physical structure of our bodies, just as Dr. Burr discovered.  

In fact, what researchers such as Dr. Burr, Dr. Becker, and Dr. Hunt, among many others, are proving is that this energy field surrounding the body - what Dr. Hunt calls the Mind Field may be the until-now missing link in the science of Mind and Body.  

Many question, How can the Mind possibly affect the Body?¯ But doctors forget that simply thinking sad thoughts can bring salty tears to bloodshot eyes. Researchers ignore what we have all experienced - that spending time with a depressed or negative person can leave us feeling down and even upset, as well; just as spending time with an upbeat, positive person can help us feel more healthy and energized. We can all appreciate that laughter truly is tremendous medicine. And art has proven for millennia with intense energy fields of sound (Mozart) and light (Van Gogh) that it can immediately - and forever - transform the human experience.  

The evidence is literally all around us. We are electric beings, surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field that directly relates to our mental and physical well -being. Harvard is studying the science of Mind and Body, because, as Albert Einstein taught us with his most famous equation, E = mc2 (Energy = Matter), energy and matter are in essence the same thing. How we work to create our own electromagnetic energy field affects the physical structure of our body.


C. Natural Electromagnetic Energy  

When meditating or engaged in focused concentration, the brain creates strong electromagnetic signals of around 7 to 9 Hertz (Hz), also called Alpha waves. When athletes are in the Zone¯ that place where athletic performance almost magically excels certain patterns of increased Alpha waves typically precede, and even appear to enable, such moments of peak performance. In 2000, scientists at University of Chicago revealed that as professional golfers meditatively visualize a putt before taking it, their brains emit strong Alpha wave signals.  

Bio-medical engineer, Itzhak Bentov, described how a natural 7 Hz Alpha-like signal works rhythmically inside the body during meditation, connecting the skeleton and inner organs with the heart in a resonant dance that enables the heart to work less in driving the body.¯ He proposed that meditation, which creates this 7 Hz frequency both internally in the physical body and externally in the bodys electromagnetic energy field, in turn radiates this signal out through the earths electromagnetic field, interacting with others electromagnetic fields and thus potentially helping them to achieve this resonant 7 Hz state, as well.  

Interestingly, the Earths natural electromagnetic field frequencies are measured daily to average around 7.8 Hz (called the Schumann Resonance) by scientists at UC -Berkeleys Seismology Laboratory. This natural average frequency at the earths surface is similar to the 7 to 9 Hz Alpha frequencies emitted by the human brain in states of meditation, calm, and exceptional performance - the brains relaxation signal is identical to the earths natural frequency! Famous research by Dr. Rutger Wever in 1973 showed that a weak earth signal could dramatically restore biorhythm patterns to most biological measurements when a person is isolated from the earths 7.8 Hz field.


D. The Dangers of Electromagnetic Pollution  

Less than 75 years ago, when humankind used very little electricity and few radio frequencies, our bodies lived in harmony with the Earths natural 7.8 Hz frequency. In just the last few decades, electricity and radio frequencies have increased tremendously such that we are now routinely exposed to levels of electromagnetic energy millions of times higher than ever before. In 2000, Nobel-prize nominee Dr. Robert Becker stated, "I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time the greatest polluting element in the earths environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields [EMF].

Dr. William Rae, a former surgeon, created the Environmental Health Center (Dallas) in 1974 after discovering that his puzzling allergic and neurological problems were due to EMF in the hospitals increasingly electronic operating room. His center has since helped thousands of people with sensitivities to EMF, many of whom did not realize the connection between their illnesses and EMF since they were often told by doctors that their symptoms were all in their minds.  

In addition to the growing number of people who may suffer from allergies to electromagnetic fields (which may include symptoms such as severe headaches, fatigue, glandular pain,hyperactivity, and more), in the last few decades evidence has mounted that manmade EMF may play a role in such diseases as Alzheimers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer and other illnesses. Additional recent evidence suggests manmade EMF may also be related to problems such as increased male infertility, miscarriage, headaches, sleeplessness, problems concentrating, and much more.  

Governments, while often adopting the wait-and-see approach, have spoken out about the possible effects of EMF on humans. The US Environmental Protection Agency acknowledged in 1992 that recent research suggested magnetic fields may produce significant effects. The World Health Organizations cancer research agency, IARC, stated in 2001 that they have now concluded that ELF magnetic fields are possibly carcinogenic to humans In Europe, the conversation is more advanced than in the USA. In February, 2003, the European Commission and the WHO held a joint conference on the Precautionary Principle regarding EMF exposure. In some countries, such as Portugal and Spain, concerned local governments have already begun to outlaw the installation of cell-phone relay towers on apartment building roofs and near schools. And in the Fall of 2003, CNN reported on a study conducted by three Dutch government ministries. This study, called the first of its kind, showed that radio signals for the next generation of mobile phone services can cause headaches and nausea.  

Manmade EMF pollution is clearly one of the most serious environmental issues of today. What would happen if our bodies were able to function free of manmade electronic pollution and could live once again in the gentle, natural frequency environment of the earth?


Part 2 - The TESLAR Technology

Invented in 1986, the TESLAR technology was designed to emit a unique 7 to 9 Hz Alpha wave signal that interacts with and strengthens your bodys own electromagnetic energy field. Similar to the Earths natural 7.8 Hz signal and the Alpha wave signals emitted by the brain when you are calm, meditating, or doing yoga, or when athletes are in states of high performance, this TESLAR signal also helps reinforce your energy field against the possible negative effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields (EMF).  

Much like listening to a clear radio broadcast free from static, the TESLAR signal helps your energy field filter out annoying and potentially harmful electromagnetic static such that your body can stay closer to its peak performance, both physically and mentally.


In Honor of Nikola Tesla:  A Pioneer of Energy Science  

The TESLAR technology was named for Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslavian immigrant who worked with Thomas Edison. Tesla, a brilliant inventor, is the man who gave us alternating current. He is considered the father of scalar, non-Hertzian technology, the technology used in the TESLAR chip.


A. Scientific Research  

Researchers began independent testing on the original TESLAR chip in 1988. In an independent pilot study done in 1989, Dr. Eldon Byrd, PhD, former U.S. Navy scientist for the investigation and research of the biological effects of ELF, observed a decrease in overall frequency amplitude and a shift toward lower frequencies in EEG recordings from individuals wearing the TESLAR watch. This pilot study demonstrated that the brain throws off 80% of the assaulting ELF with the help of the TESLAR.  

Other studies have used Electro-dermal Screening (EDS). Electro-dermal screening was developed 35 years ago by Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German M.D., who combined the principles of acupuncture with modern technology. Each individual structure in the body has its own electromagnetic field. According to EDS, the strength of this electromagnetic field can be measured at identified acupuncture points, each point having a direct relationship to a specific organ. Using sensitive instruments, one can measure the electromagnetic potential at each point and thus draw a conclusion as to the electrical balance of the inner organs.  

Using EDS in 1991, Dr. Anthony Scott- Morley, PhD, M.D. (alternative medicine), tested a variety of devices claiming to protect the subject from various environmental stresses. While testing an early version of the analog TESLAR watch, Dr. Scott-Morley showed the presence of the watch enabled the body to screen out or block ambient signals within our environment and those produced by generators and computer terminals. Testing the TESLAR on many of his patients, he recorded dramatic improvements in the energy level readings of most organs. Wolde Korol, Diplomat of Acupuncture, replicated Dr. Scott-Morleys findings in 1992.  

Dr. Glen Rein, PhD, while at Stanford Medical School, conducted in-vitro research using the TESLAR watch to isolate from possible psychosomatic effects in patients - the placebo effect. Dr. Reins results showed that the presence of the TESLAR watch provided an environment in which there was, on average, 137% enhancement of human lymphocyte proliferation (immune function). Another test demonstrated that nerve cells could inhibit their uptake of noradrenalin (a depression-fighting process) by as much as 19.5% in the presence of the TESLAR watch.  

In June, 2002, the results of a pilot Heart-Rate Variability (HRV) study conducted by Dr. Michael Borkin, N.D., appeared in Alternative Medicine Magazine demonstrating the TESLAR watchs positive influence in the presence of a cell phone. HRV is the measurement of the beat-to-beat changes in heart rate, giving a dynamic glimpse into the autonomic nervous system (ANS) state. This system controls the beating of the heart, the movement of the gastrointestinal tract and the secretion of hormones by the endocrine glands, among other vital functions. Thus, an HRV test is a good measurement of a bodys overall response to stimuli. Dr. Borkin stated that his HRV study showed that the use of the TESLAR watch may in fact compensate for some of the negative impact of using a cell phone.

In 2003, British Medical Doctor, Nyjon Eccles, Member of the Royal Council of Physicians, saw similar results on patients. Dr. Eccles HRV testing confirmed that without the TESLAR watch, the autonomic nervous system becomes stressed when exposed to an energized mobile phone. While wearing the TESLAR watch in the presence of an energized cell phone, Dr. Eccles results revealed a estabilizing effect¯ on or even beneficial stimulation of parasympathetic regulatory system activity.  

Dr. Valerie Hunt, professor emeritus of UCLA and founder of the BioEnergy Fields Foundation, has performed extensive research on the human bodys electromagnetic field. Dr.Hunts experience with the TESLAR technology has led her to conclude that wearing the TESLAR watch makes the [biofield] more dynamic and coherent, so that its transactions with the world are not just reactionary, but also selective.¯  


B. Conclusion  

We live in a world of high technology and sophisticated living. Our modern lifestyles encourage us to move and work faster in an attempt to accomplish more in less time than ever before. As a result of this stressful lifestyle and the pervasive electronic technology that powers it, our life-expectancy increases while our lifelong health declines. Fortunately, Mind-Body healing practices and scientific research are helping to transform our western consciousness, reminding us that we are not simply in the Universe but also of the Universe, and that this Universe our planet Earth is electric our bodies are electric.  

The TESLAR technology, in actively creating positive, natural energy inside the bodys electromagnetic energy field, is a profound advancement in Mind-Body science. Dr. Hunts research led her to propose that health and sickness begin, continue and end first in the bodys energy field, and that the best and most natural treatments are those which directly impact this energy field. Dr. Hunt concluded:  

Life exists and is molded by its [energy] fields. Whatever conditions affect the human energy field will positively or negatively influence the bodys healing capacity. Regeneration comes from re-energizing the field, and hence the body.