ELF The Immune System Suppressor

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"You cannot see it, hear it, smell it or taste it, yet, electromagnetic waves are assaulting the nation and the world. It has been shown that electromagnetic radiation emitted from computers, water beds, video display terminals, televisions, high tension power lines, cellular telephones, house-hold appliances, and other electrical equipment produce frequencies in a range that is destructive to biological systems including the body's natural electrical balance. "

Man is the species "Homo sapiens", and all species must adapt to their environment or die. Sometimes it may take a species thousands of years to adapt, and sometimes the species may die out before it can adapt to new standards of the environment. Less than 100 years ago man had no electricity and our bodies lived in harmony with the natural frequency of mother earth. This resonance has been recently measured at 7.83 Hz and is called the Schumann Resonance. Planet Earth operates within this natural ELF (standing for "Extremely Low Frequencies" which range from 1 - 100 hertz) signal range, and when this signal is altered for a period of time, reproductive and other systems of the body are directly affected. Interestingly enough, if you measure the natural frequency emission of the human brain, in a room shielded from man-made ELF, the brain's signal is identical to the frequency emitted by the earth. The electrical activity of the earth is like a giant brain!

Not only is the electromagnetic pollution a problem from man-made sources, but Alexander Tchijevsky discovered in 1919-1920 a correlation between changes in solar activity and biological processes on Earth. Using Statistical methods, Tchijevsky proved that epidemics of cholera, grippe, typhus, etc. take place when astrophysicists record changes in the activity of the Sun. He also believed and proved that solar storms may change functional conditions of the human nervous systems. Tchijevsky also discovered a correlation between solar activity and human aggressiveness like wars and revolutions. When solar storms take place, the behavior of mentally retarded children was dramatically modified from their normal behavior; however, his data also pointed out that healthy people were also affected. Their nervous excitability increased as well as their emotions. This excitability caused a subconscious physiological mechanism to change, increasing the functions of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Conventional scientists considered the correlation between biological processes on the Earth and solar storms as mysterious phenomena. Tchijevsky suggested that the sun emits some type of radiation not yet detected. He called it Z-radiation, and found it biologically active. In addition, the latest information from NASA and the Outer Space Science and Magnetobiology Labs in Russia point toward his theory as being plausible.

The sun radiates a very broad spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Practically the whole spectrum, excluding visible light, is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere and is, therefore, not harmful. But if an ozone hole appears in the Earth's atmosphere, some dangerous ultraviolet would affect us. With solar storms, the power of electromagnetic radiation increases, and the sun radiates more elementary particles that bombard Earth's ionosphere. These solar storms which bomb the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles (for example, electrons and protons) are the cause of the Earth's magnetic storms. The Earth's magnetic field acts as if it were squeezed by a "solar vice" as it reproduces the rhythm of solar processes.

Solar spots describe the sun's activity, and when they cross the sun's central Meridian, very powerful chronosphere flashes appear. After a day or two of observing these flashes, astrophysicists note a strong shifting of the Earth's magnetic field. The biological processes of any organism, including the most simple, are linked with their electrical activity as we can see in the EEG, E KG, etc. In 1990, a Russian medical doctor, Sergei Velkhover, discovered that harmless microbes become dangerous and cause epidemics when solar activity changes. From 1958-1964 another medical doctor N. Shultz observed the change in blood during solar activity. He examined 14,000 people and found that with solar storms there was a direct increase in the number of lymphocytes in the blood. Berg in Copenhagen and Frankfurt in 1960, w-here 4,899 deaths took place over a period of 60 magnetic storms, obtained the statistics of death from cardiovascular disease.

In Russia, they took this data very seriously and built special rooms and housing shielded from electromagnetic fields for those susceptible to heart attacks and strokes when an oncoming solar storm is predicted.

As for nervous and mental diseases, T. Dull and B. Dull discovered the correlation with magnetic storms as long ago as 1935. They examined 40,00 mental patients in the course of five years and correlated changes in their behavior with 67 magnetic storms. Howard Friedman, Charlie Bachman and Robert Becker confirmed this data in 1960-1970. Some of the simplest living organisms like snails can orientate themselves to lines of the Earth's magnetic field, while birds migrate along these unseen lines of flux. These unseen natural forces are only a small part of the environmental electromagnetic stress our bodies must fight.

It has taken scientists over twenty years to gather data showing that extremely low frequencies (ELF) have an adverse effect on the health of human beings. Yet, some illnesses have been shown to be actuated by exposure to ham1fu1 ELFs. In 1987 and 1988, national news publications including the Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and ABC News with Peter Jennings, reported on scientific studies showing that "ordinary power lines might be the cause of 10-15% of all childhood cancer."

ELF has been a subject of scientific curiosity and controversy since its investigation in the late 1960s. One of the major pioneers, Dr. Robert 0. Becker, M.D., was nominated for a Noble Prize for his work in bio-electromagnetics and electromagnetic characteristics in bone healing. In 1965, Dr Becker and Howard Friedman, M.D., a psychiatrist at the V A hospital in Syracuse, replicated a previous experiment whereby they artificially generated commonly found magnetic fields which produced stress in rabbits reactivating a preexisting but quiescent brain disease. Other experiments conducted by Dr. Becker show the cause and effect between 60-cycle electricity, its magnetic component, and its effect on biological activity in organisms.

In 1977, the controversy over ELF continued with the release of a National Academy of Science report stating "there should be no concern for possible effects of ELF in fertility, growth or development" and suggested that ELF is too weak to harm humans or animals. Yet, another government agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the USSR (Russia) considered electronic smog a major concern...and a potential harm to public health."

In the early 1970s much of the established scientific community disregarded many of the experiments showing ELF to be biologically active. However, in 1979, a study published in the prestigious American Journal of Epidemiology (John Hopkins University) showed that homes of children who developed cancer were often found near electric power lines carrying electric current. In 1989, Dr. Genevieve Matanoski of John Hopkins University conducted research on 50,000 New York State telephone workers. She found an increased risk of leukemia among active linemen and an unusually high rate of breast cancer among male technicians in central office switching rooms. Both of these studies confirm the threat of harmful ELF to human health and identify ELF as the most serious environmental issue of the 90s.

With the controversy raging and utility companies concerned for public safety, many scientists from Canada, the United States, Europe and Russia are conducting independent research into the effects of exposure from electromagnetic radiation. The results suggest that exposure to harmful electromagnetic frequencies can cause disorders of the central nervous system including headache, fatigue, dizziness, emotional instability, back pain, short term memory loss, arthritis and other unexplained illness.

ELF, therefore, becomes very much a double-edged sword. Because it can penetrate at a cellular level, by entering the DNA and cause dormant viruses to awaken and then to mutate, we can see the potential harm from all ambient frequencies bombarding us from the myriad appliances we use: radio, microwave, computers TV's, etc. In the last 30-40 years, electromagnetic pollution has increased over one million times! All of these frequencies clutter our brain, which is like a radio receiver, and then the main signal becomes distorted by reception of electromagnetic waves. As the brain overloads with ELF signals, the transmission of electrical impulses to other parts of the body becomes garbled. This retards the quality of energy transmission within the body. In just thirty years, our bodies have not been able to evolve to where they can process this ELF interference in a healthy manner.

However, there are frequencies that are good for the body and have shown to be very beneficial. Because we can use electromagnetic waves to penetrate at the cellular level, we can use the beneficial frequencies to enhance the immune system, heal fractures, as well as other non-invasive methods of healing. The researcher must know which frequencies are shown to be beneficial and which may be detrimental.

Obviously, the earth's own frequency field of7 - 9 Hz around the body is as important as any other life support system we could imagine. The astronauts, when traveling in space, became very ill before they discovered the earth's electromagnetic field was biologically imperative to their well being in space.

As we have shown, ELF is a double edged sword. Therefore, how can we use this technology to benefit and protect us rather than harm us? There is only one device on the market proven by scientific studies to shield one from the influences of electronic pollution - the TESLAR Watch. The TESLAR Watch was named after Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslavian immigrant who worked with Thomas Edison. He was a prolific inventor who invented alternating current and is considered the "father" of scalar non-Hertzian technology used in the TESLAR. The TESLAR is engineered to produce a non-Hertzian/scalar wave shown to screen or shield the body from other ELF signals. The TESLAR watch sits on the wrist over the triple warmer meridian, an important acupuncture point, in the body's energy system. It emits a specialized signal spread, which surrounds the body within a bubble or cushion, so most other frequencies cannot enter. Those frequencies which do penetrate this reinforced 'cocoon" are more easily eliminated by the brain's natural frequency screening mechanism. In other words, the body, rather than being radiated with radio or television signals, radiates its own natural earth environment 8 Hz signal.

In a pilot study done by Dr. Eldon Byrd, Ph.D. EEG tests showed an 80% difference in frequencies coming into the brain when wearing the TESLAR. The study indicates the brain throws off 80% of the assaulting ELF. Another study by Dr. Scott Morley, Ph.D., M.D. (alt med.), Dorset, England, showed signals within our environment and those produced by generators and computer terminals are screened or blocked from entering the body when wearing the TESLAR.

In-vitro research by Dr. Glen Rein, Ph.D., while at Stanford Medical School, demonstrated the ability of The TESLAR to shield the body from harmful ELF fields, resulting in the body being capable of enhancing its immune response by 76% and of inhibiting the uptake of noradrenalin (an antidepressant) by 19.5% in nerve cells.

Additional research into the operation of the TESLAR Shielding Watch on athletic performance and using thermographic comparisons, as well as brain mapping, is in progress. Observations are being calculated, with preliminary findings showing a 20% increase in athletic grip strength and an increase in circulating energy by thermographic analysis.

There are ways to shield us, but few people realize the danger exists! Meanwhile, our immune system continues to break down because the brain just can't handle the load, just because people in authority will not acknowledge that this threat to our immune system exists? Will man evolve to overcome this biological threat, or will our immune systems become so over-taxed that disease will ravage our species?

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