Lab Test

Report on the Efficacy of the TESLAR Turbo Chip Watch in Alleviating the Detrimental
Effects of Cell Phone Use


May 2020
Submitted by Energy Medicine
Research Institute, Lisa Tully, PhD, Founder



Results of this study show that the TESLAR Turbo Chip Watch reversed the negative effects of cell phone use on HRV measures at a highly significant level (p-value < 0.0001). Additionally, we report significant improvements in psycho-emotional state and meridian (energy) flow. We demonstrate here that wearing the watch improves all outcome measures in all subjects at a highly significant level. Therefore, wearing the TESLAR Turbo Chip Watch will alleviate the negative health effects of cell phone use and produce multiple health benefits. It can be considered by scientific testing to be “wearable wellness”.



The TESLAR Turbo Chip Watch ( is innovative scalar technology that was designed to remediate the harmful biological effects of electromagnetic fields. The watch has an upgraded turbo chip, which is more than double the strength of the first version. The technology is designed to resist the effects of harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR). In modern times, with all the rapidly advancing wireless technology, we are exposed to high levels of EMR that exceed the biological safety limits.  Many people who are more sensitive to EMR develop various illnesses, including cancer. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the deleterious effects of EMR ( The studies presented here demonstrate that wearing the TESLAR Turbo Chip Watch can reduce the negative biological effects of EMR and produce health benefits.

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