TESLAR Frequencies

Everything in the world has its own “natural frequency” from dirt to daisies to dogs to doctors! Every frequency, however, is not healthy for the human body. The body should be screened from harmful frequencies while allowed to absorb the helpful energies into the body’s own energy system, the meridian system. The TESLAR effect is not created by frequencies and does not give off frequencies, rather, it negates them. The TESLAR System is much more profound than mere electromagnetic frequencies. Websites that allude to TESLAR being a “one frequency” or “multi frequency” technology are incorrect. The TESLAR chip is unique in that it is “non hertzian”, meaning it has no frequency: it is a quantum event. Five peer reviewed papers published in scientific journals show this. No other chip technology used in a consumer product can make this claim.

Combining the electric field and the magnetic field creates a bucking field or scalar event using a mobius coil and nanotechnology. This means that all frequencies in the ambient field surrounding the wearer collapse to zero. The first job of the chip is to eliminate frequencies rather than create them, as most of them are harmful. Chaotic frequencies in the wearer’s field add to the pollution soup created by ELF, extremely low frequencies. These harmful frequencies are created by cell phones, microwaves, computers, video screens, and other digital necessities of the modern world.

In the ELF range (Extremely Low Frequency 1 - 100 hertz), most frequencies are dangerous. ELFs are dangerous because they affect the body negatively more than any other range. Many of those frequencies that are outside the 7 - 9 hertz range, Earth’s natural frequency, are found to be deleterious to many biological systems.

With over forty years of research, investigators have found that the Earth’s Schumann Resonance is the best signal to surround the body: the one that is the most compatible long term.

Many spiritual people, healers, artists, yoga practitioners, mediators, and those in prayer have been measured with fast Fourier Analysis. The algorithm found that the alpha range, the relaxation state when one is relaxed but not asleep, of the human brain is what the body uses to heal itself. Nothing is better for a feeling of peace, tranquility, and focus.

ELF can cause an agitated effect, from manic to depressive emotional mood swings. ELF frequencies can seemingly boost energy as the body surges with adrenaline to compensate for the effect of the frequencies. When the body can no longer compensate, energy falls abruptly. Such a severe drop of energy can affect the immune system. Some frequencies in the ELF range, such as 60 cycles, have caused cancer in laboratory animals. Others have unknown side effects.

With TESLAR, the 7, 8, and 9 hertz frequencies like the Earth’s natural resonance called the Schumann Resonance, are layered on the quantum scalar signal. Many frequencies exist within this 7 - 9 range because the base frequency creates harmonics. Harmonics are like playing Middle C on the keyboard of a piano: Middle C is the main frequency, and the next higher C is a harmonic of Middle C. Each frequency, just like each note, has its own set of harmonics. It is vitally important that these harmonics are present because the body ignores a constant signal after extended usage and creates an immunity to that signal much like immunity to antibiotics with overuse. A signal that moves around (dithers), such as the TESLAR system, is active and changing so the body never adapts and the healthful effect is maintained.

The TESLAR chip is the only technology proven to be scalar in nature, collapsing harmful frequencies, and carrying the modulated 7 - 9 hertz frequencies as information on the quantum zero-point. Just like carrying a child on your back, the TESLAR system piggy-backs the healing frequencies, 7 - 9 hertz and their harmonics, into the meridian energy system riding the scalar wave created by the chip. This creates a field around the body that allows the cells to choose healthful frequencies while the chip protects the cells, brain, and body from harmful frequencies.

TESLAR is proven scientifically to be the optimum instrument for relaxation and health. It smoothes the bio-field and relieves it from the chaos of the world. Never accept a substitute.