Miami Dolphins / TESLAR Tech Study

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April-August, 2004

Miami Dolphins Study Overview

  • Study Objectives:
    • Collect and analyze pre/post data regarding sleep, rest and recovery patterns, workout patterns, general energy levels, stress levels, and strength levels
    • Determine TESLAR EFFECT with professional athletes
  • Timeline: Approx 3 months (26 Apr to 11 Aug 2004)
  • Participants: 30 Miami Dolphins Athletes (26 Players & 4 Coaches)
  • Participants wore active TESLAR bracelets during the study
  • Four different tools were utilized to collect data, including:
    • Pre/Post Study Surveys
    • Final Evaluation Questionnaire
    • Exit Interview

Athletes Agree on TESLAR Technology

100% (30 out of 30 Participants)
we are impressed with TESLAR as a tool that can improve athletic performance

100% (30 out of 30 Participants)
we would recommend TESLAR to fellow athletes

100% (30 out of 30 Participants)
we would recommend TESLAR to friends & family

97% of Participants noticed a reduction in the intensity of the aches & pains

97% of Participants stated their sleep habits improved

93% of Participants noticed an increase in their daily energy level

83% of Participants stated TESLAR had a positive effect on their physical strength

76% of Participants we are able to remain more calm in stressful situations

76% of Participants stated TESLAR had a positive effect on their endurance

Athlete Quotes on TESLAR Tech

  • Sam Simmons, Wide Receiver. I feel so much better in the morning now than I have ever felt in my whole life. I am a light sleeper, sleeping HARD. amazing what this does it effects everything. Everything I do for football i am doing better because I am resting better. Before, if my kid rolled over in bed I would wake up; now I am dead-out. It improves sleep remarkably; improves everything athletically.

  • JR Tolver, Wide Receiver. I run as much or more than anyone on the team. When running I felt more refreshed. It helped my endurance factor. It increased my energy level.

  • Travis Minor, Running Back. The day I took off that bracelet, after wearing it for almost 3 months, was one of my worst days. I was already sleeping pretty good before, but with the bracelet I noticed that I was resting even more comfortably when I sleep.

  • Dario Romero, Defensive Tackle. Definitely sleep better and fall asleep quicker. My aches and pains are gone. I had dull pains in my ankle and wrist and these have completely gone away. I am no longer taking [an antiinflammatory medication] for pain. Describing TESLAR : Wear the bracelet and after a little while you will begin relaxing and aches and pains will be reduced.

  • Derrius Thompson, Wide Receiver. I am falling asleep faster; sleeping longer throughout the night. Gave me more energy during the day; I was getting up better and more refreshed, less sluggish in the AM. It calms you down and gives you more energy.

  • Chris Chambers, Wide Receiver. The biggest thing is the sleep thing. I had more energy and it helped my concentration such that I caught the football better. It helps rest and relax the body. It helps you get to sleep faster and sleep longer. I have more endurance during workouts and workout at a higher level.

  • Eric Fears, Asst Strength Coach. I have bad knees and the bracelet has done wonders. I have had less pain and more range of motion. It has helped me and my sore knee 100%. I was surprised by the reduction in pain in my arthritic knees and sleeping patterns are better. It is like a wonder-medicine without taking pills or drugs. I have stopped taking [a common anti-inflammatory drug]. I had taken it daily for 8 years along with other anti-inflammatories. Now because it is training camp and I am constantly on my feet - I only take it about once per week. Before it was everyday.

  • Seth McKinney, Center/Guard. Sleeping is where I notice it the most. I sleep like a brick. I have been getting about 7 hours and still feel great in the morning. I get great sleep!! Sleep wise, I am very happy. I am sleeping solid and waking up more rested. It is good enough for anyone, because you will sleep better. I promise.

  • Jay Williams, Defensive End. When I took it off, I would feel headachy and drowsy. I put it back on and I was back to normal back to chillin. When I took it off at practice to tape my wrists, I would feel groggy, so I started taping with it still on. I used to wake up 2-3 times a night; now I often sleep straight through until morning. Describing TESLAR : If you want to sleep better before a big game, wear TESLAR it will calm your nerves, you will just drift off and get great sleep.

  • Randy McMichael, Tight End. When wearing it I recovered so easily on the field. Before I was fatigued, now, after workouts, I am recovering so quickly I am not fatigued afterwards. I sleep great and am more rested in the AM. Describing TESLAR : If you are having troubles sleeping, with energy levels, it is a great thing to try. Next day I could tell a difference.

  • Ed Perry, Tight End. Not staying up late. Go to bed early. Can just get up in the morning. No wasted motion. Not feeling slow to get up. Have more energy and still get a nap during the day. I was feeling a little woosy when getting adjusted. Now, everything that I am doing athletically has been improved significantly. This effects your whole body and mind experience. It makes you change mentally and physically.

  • Taylor Whitley, Guard. The bracelet has helped me sleep a lot better, more than anything else. I feel much more rested in the mornings. Feel protected from EMF. You rest more.

  • Dan Goodspeed, Tackle. I wear the bracelet all day except while lifting/running. I see the most benefit with my sleep so far. Sleep more deep and more awake in the morning. I slept like a champ.

  • Morlon Greenwood, Linebacker. I sleep better and am more wellrested. I am staying calmer.

  • Shawn Wooden, Safety. I was able to fall asleep a lot easier and faster. I woke up more rested and did not wake up at night. It helps relax you and improves endurance due to rest.

  • Shawn Lynch, Center I can now get up a lot easier and can rest more peacefully. It keeps you calm in all situations.

  • Tim Bowens, Defensive Tackle. Before wearing it, I would go to sleep around midnight; now I fall asleep around 10 / 10:.30.

  • Larry Chester, Defensive Tackle. Surprised by how I felt getting up in the morning. I just jumped out of bed with the bracelet.

  • Wade Smith, Tackle. I woke up rested and was surprised at how good I slept, even with minimal sleep. It helps me fall asleep faster and not feel as groggy in the morning. More rest assisted with working out.

  • AJ Feeley, Quarterback. Usually takes a long time to wake up in the morning, but with the bracelet I am getting to sleep quicker and it is easier to wake up in the morning less moping in the morning. it is like a sleep-enabler.

  • Olindo Mare, Kicker. I recovered quicker between workouts. I was able to go to bed earlier. I used to wake up 3-4 times a night; now I only wake up 1 or 2 times. I would even sleep straight through my baby boy waking up.

  • Troy Maurer, Assistant Trainer. Improved sleep.Did not wake up as much at night. I felt well rested when I woke up. Overall, it keeps you positive and improves your overall well-being.

  • Ben Westby , Assistant Trainer. Surprised by the ability to fall asleep and sleep better throughout the night. Ability to wake up feeling rested. More positive energy. Impact on overall ability to recover / sleep.

  • Billy Yates, Guard. I was surprised by how fast I was able to recover and by how I felt when I popped up out of bed. Sleep and recovery and even my endurance, significantly improved apparently protecting yourself from EMF helps your recovery, rest, and stamina. The bracelet has really helped me recover after practice. I feel really good in the mornings since wearing the bracelet.

  • Robert Curren, Strength Coach (Intern). First night I fell asleep around 8:30; allowed my body to correct itself. Sleeping helped improve my workouts more rested when you wake up. It is calming when you sleep and rejuvenates you when you are awake.

  • John Gamble, Strength Coach. It is like taking a drug without the side effects.

  • Jeff Zgonina, Defensive Tackle. Sleeping better.

  • Greg Jerman, Tackle. This improved my endurance. It also enabled me to get on a regular sleep pattern and sleep through the night. It helps me rest better and as a result I have more energy during the day.

  • John St. Clair, Tackle. Was having a hard time sleeping before; first day I slept like a baby. I felt stronger strength-wise. Describing TESLAR: it is a unique tool to keep you calmer, at the same time get stronger and be able to perform better.

  • Eric Wilson, Guard. I have more energy during the afternoon and do not have to take naps after lunch. It made my tired body feel alive; gave life to my grogginess.

  • Junior Seau, Linebacker. I fell asleep easier and more comfortably. It has a positive effect on your daily duties.