ELFs May Be Killing You!

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By: John E. West, Ph.D.

No not the garden variety, but the electrical ones. Many scientists around the world now believe that ELFs, short for Extra Low Frequencies, also described as Electronic Smog, may be far more deadly than all other types of pollution together. What exactly is Electronic Smog, and how might it affect the human body? Simply put, it's the collective, radiated energy, which emanates from virtually everything, which plugs into the power socket. This includes, of course, such mundane equipment as TV's, fridges, microwaves, washing machines, electric blankets, toasters, shavers, etc.

The list is just about endless. ELFs also radiate from power lines, even domestic house wiring. It is interesting to note that in Russia houses are not allowed to be built near highvoltage power lines.

Electronic Smog Connection: Electronic Smog has been gradually building up since the early days of the Industrial Revolution. Little notice was taken until a few years ago, when some American scientists decided to research possible effects of ELFs upon the living systems of man, plants and animals. The results, to coin a phrase, were shocking! It was found for example that the incidence of cancer rose when families lived for many years under or close to high-voltage overhead power lines. It was further found that nervous system problems became manifest when people worked and lived under fluro lights. All office equipment, including computers, of course, radiates electromagnetic waves.

Effects of ELF damage vary widely, and not everyone is affected by them, but the current opinion of scientists who have researched the problem is that ELFs can be very damaging, depending upon the levels encountered and for how long. Humans, animals and plants are attuned to the natural resonant frequency of the planet, which is approximately 8 Hertz, but with the increasing Electronic Smog pollution, the living systems become confused. In the long term this can lead to syndromes, symptoms and sickness. Cells start to malfunction. The electro-chemical connection becomes disorganized, and when this happens disease, stress, tensions, anxiety states and many different neurological symptoms become manifest.

Countless examples of ELF damaged people, animals and plants have now been fully documented around the world. It is now a major problem. But corporate bodies refuse to recognize that the problem even exists. Electrical authorities and others concerned with generating electrical power refuse to comment on possible problems, which may be connected with ELF damage.

I have questioned authorities, such as Telecom for example, regarding possible health problems and microwave towers, but received such replies as, "We don't believe they could be hazardous" or, "We don't have sufficient information to comment". Could it be that the possible health problems, which exist, are known but are being covered up?

Certain groups of people may be at greater risk than others. Film actors, radio personalities, technicians, etc., seem to keel over in alarming numbers from such diseases as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and a whole range of neurological problems. When one considers all the other health risks they are exposed to, such as drugs, booze, cigarettes, stresses, one must now take into account the added hazards of ELFs which such groups are particularly exposed to in their daily working lives Think about it.

It is more than interesting to note that under laboratory conditions (including a seven-year study by the U.S. Navy) ELF pollution adversely affected lab animals' reproductive capabilities, was found to be a biological stressor, slowed down or disturbed cell duplication processes, stimulated the growth of cancer cells, altered enzymes, suppressed immune system responses, altered brain chemistry and time perception, changed human brain waves, had a six times higher fetus mortality rate in lab animals, etc.

One of the first signs of ELF pollution upon the human system is increasing adrenal stress causing greater and greater energy loss. Eye-strain, anxiety build up, nervous debility, short-term memory loss, etc., are more early warning signs. Can anything be done to prevent or radically protect the individual? Up until recently the answer would have been no, except perhaps to live on a remote desert island! However, in 1988, an American company, ELF Cocoon International, marketed an incredible device called the TESLAR Wrist Watch, which in addition to keeping excellent time and looking very professional with moon phases, puts out a constant 8-Hertz scalar wave.

This enables the body to tune at all times to the natural earth resonant frequency, thereby rejecting all extraneous ELFs. Hence the name Cocoon, for it provides a shield around the person wearing it. Taking over one million dollars to develop, the TESLAR WATCH is a very hi-tech piece of equipment, with a chip which contains hundreds of micro components. It is so named after Nicola Tesla, the radio whiz, who in the twenties while experimenting with scalar waves, lit up a bank of light bulbs by transmitting electricity!

Several well known American Universities have evaluated the watch. All have reported favorably on it. Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.A. have very strict anti-quackery laws in place, so the promoters of the watch do not make any claims other than to state it will protect the wearer against ELF damage. However, a Dr. Glen Rein from Stanford University Medical Center wrote a short paper on the TESLAR Watch, which is very interesting indeed.

I do not propose to elaborate on this paper, as it is available from me, but suffice to mention the following data: The paper titled "The Effect of Non-Hertzian Waves on the Immune System" stated . . . . . "Preliminary research findings are presented which indicate that scalar fields enhance the immune system, as measured by increased DNA synthesis in lymphocytes. Lymphocytes exposed to TESLAR Watches showed a 76% increase in proliferation. Results reported here also indicate that scalar energy can directly effect the cells of the immune system."

According to ELF COCOON'S literature, the TESLAR WATCH recreates the earth's natural magnetic field and acts as a barrier protecting the wearer from other harmful frequencies. Tests have shown that the wearer's electromagnetic field stabilizes at approximately 8.0 Hertz. If indeed scalar fields are immunoenhancing the potential exists for treating many diseases, particularly AIDS, cancer, Epstein-Barr virus, etc., etc.

ELF Cocoon Int. also markets an equally incredible device called the BTS Brain Tuner which CONCLUSIVELY de-toxes drug addicts in rapid time. It puts out over 240 different frequencies, simultaneously stimulating the 2000 plus endorphins in the brain! But that's another story.

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