Teslar Tech is the utilization of electromagnetic fields, gases, waveforms, and quantum properties to produce a coherent signal carrying energy and information to create a positive biological effect. In other words, TeslarTech is an energetic delivery system.

Each human body has its own unique make-up of trillions of electrically charged cells that perform their daily cellular activities to keep the body functioning. All those electrically charged cells create the body’s electromagnetic signature, its blueprint. Cells in a strong, healthy human body – commonly seen in young children – function at optimal performance with full electromagnetic vitality.

Disease is alien to the body. A significant cause of physical and mental dis-ease is stress – hectic work conditions, toxic environments, stressful relationships, and constant exposure to electronic pollution caused by cell phone systems, computers, and all other electrical sources. Sustained stress causes your cells to work harder, rapidly losing their natural electromagnetic vitality. The immediate result is disease at the cellular level. The long-term result is chronic disease in the mind and body illness.

Teslar Tech focuses on strengthening the energetic potential of your body’s electromagnetic signature. Your body can function with renewed vigor and vitality, improving your quality of life, productivity, and well-being. You are truly healthy when your body’s electromagnetic signature is at its full potential.




TESLAR technology came from an identified need to protect people from the dangers of manmade electromagnetic fields that have emerged from electrically-based technology. Through our research we have developed an effective Scalar watch called TESLAR, named after Nikola Tesla.



Scalar carries information on its omni directional waveform. W e use this technology as a delivery system for the body.




TESLAR seeks to combine scalar technology & conscious capitalism: helping communities become more local, functional, sustainable and abundant. Check out some of our current projects to find out how you can start becoming more inspired to live a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

The Original TESLAR Chip